I’ll Come Back for You

Charish Reid combines edge-of-your-seat scares, heartfelt moments, and glasses-fogging love scenes in this paranormal romance novella. I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU is an engrossing read that you’ll giddily tear through.

Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of FakerSimmer Down, and On Location

Release Date: 3/24/2022

When a hurricane destroys Whitney Beck’s chances to run a Miami resort, a bed and breakfast inheritance from her eccentric grandmother saves her and her sister, Helen. Unfortunately, within months, the Beck sisters run into paranormal problems: missing objects and bumps in the night. Helen reaches out to her favorite ghost-hunting show for help, but Whitney can only feel dread. Her high school crush is the lead camera operator for Ghost Punters. And after years of missed chances, she doesn’t want to meet him again under these circumstances.

Reality television has helped Deon Grant carve a path toward his dream of directing films, but he feels guilty about the fake stunts along the way. His crew uses cheap parlor tricks to create good TV but those methods won’t work at the Bordeaux B&B. While battling an actual ghost, Deon gets to know Whitney again. She’s different from the girl he knew years ago, but their bond is still powerful enough to reveal his true feelings.

The past doesn’t stay in the past, and the dead don’t stay dead.
Whitney will have to confront her trauma and family secrets before she can succeed in business or love. Deon will have to slow down and finally see the truth standing before him: Ghosts are real, and so is his love for Whitney.

Content Warnings:

  • Natural disaster trauma resulting in PTSD
  • Death of relative (off-page)
  • Alcohol use
  • Brief mention of blood
  • Consensual sex scenes (on-page)

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