About Charish Reid

Charish Reid currently lives in Sweden with her professor husband, who enjoys walking and biking way more than she does. While he walks and bikes, she writes contemporary romance featuring sexy academics, who are trying to find love and adventure from under stacks of student papers. While she was born in Little Rock, AR, she has lived all over the United States observing people and taking notes for poetry, essays, and novels.

After earning her Masters in Literature, she went on to teach English and Rhetoric at several universities before penning her first book. Cashiering at a major discount retailer, being a menswear salesperson, and bartending were fairly easy compared to class prep, performing for students, and grading. When she’s not writing or teaching, Charish enjoys watching movies and talking to folks in other countries. Travels to Thailand, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, and Sweden will probably find their way into future books.

What People Say

You can’t base your whole personality on being a Leo.

My Sister

She dresses like a student and talks too much about feminism.

Student Evaluation Response

That’s a real lady!

Drunk Elderly Man in an Irish Pub

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