Odd Tidbits about Charish Reid

I swiped this from a Facebook game where people divulge things about themselves!

• How old are you: 34

• Surgeries: 0

• Tattoos: 3

• Ever hit a deer: No

• Rode in ambulance: No

• Sang karaoke: EVERY CHANCE I GET

• Ice skated: ABSOLUTELY NOT

• Rode a motorcycle: Yes

• Stayed in a hospital : No

• Favorite Holiday : Halloween

• Last phone call: My friend, Melissa

• Last text: My friend, Melissa 

• Watched someone die: No

• Favorite pie: Sweet Potato

• Favorite pizza: Pepperoni

• Favorite season: Fall

• Broken bones: Ankle (That’s why I don’t ice skate)

• Received a ticket: No

• Favorite color: Black

• Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise

Published by charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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