A New Year; A New Me


I’m not a New Year Celebrator.

Usually, I stay indoors and wait out January alive. Because I believe in irony and grew up watching teen films like Final Destination, I stay put and drink whiskey until it’s time for bed. But the title of this post is called “A New Year; A New Year” so I’ve undoubtedly raised expectations!

Here’s the secret: I am living a new me, it just came much earlier than January 2019. Without realizing or planning for it, I changed quite a bit during the hellscape that was 2018:

  • In May, my husband and I did the most and moved to Sweden for a change in his teaching career. We live in Sweden now. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I LIVE IN SWEDEN.
  • I did the responsible thing by unearthing my book, Write into His Arms and editing it.
  • And then I queried it for several months.
  • I found takers! I signed a contract with Carina Press for two books.
  • And then I landed an agent who’s just flipping wonderful, Saritza Hernandez.
  • I got to teach an amazing class in Sweden, called In/Equality in American Culture and Society. It challenged the hell out of me. After getting out of a country that’s being ridiculous, I didn’t know how many great things I’d say about my homeland. But I learned a lot about myself and found a greater appreciation for America. I had a legit James Baldwin moment!

This weird list of accomplishments is a reminder of what happens when you don’t plan life.

At the end of each year, I tend to do the lazy thing and look back at events. I congratulate myself for every minor thing and hope that I can do some other fun shit the following year. That’s it. I’ve got no wise words, no bullet-journal tips, or grand promises for myself. 

There are capital T truths I know I’ve got to continue doing each year:

  • feed myself
  • live under a roof that I can pay for
  • write

Along the way, I just hope pleasant things happen!


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Writer and Educator.

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